Review for Greek Gods and Goddesses Quiz:

The quiz will be on the following days:

Block D: Tuesday, June 5th

Block H/E: Wednesday, June 6th

Directions: Match the correct letter with the corresponding names of the Gods.

Apollo      Demeter     Dionysus     Hera         Artemis       Zeus
Ares         Poseidon     Hermes     Athena     Aphrodite      Hephaestus

Goddess of beauty and love
God of fire and artisans
Goddess of wisdom and patron of household crafts
Zeus’ wife and the protector of marriage, children, and the home
God of the oceans and seas
God of orators, protector of thieves, messenger to the mortals
God of the sun and and patron of music, archery, and medicine
Goddess of the moon, guardian of cities and women, “huntress”
Ruler and king of all Gods, God of the weather
God of fertility, joyous life, and wine
God of war and combat
Goddess of crops and giver of grains and fruits

United Nations World Issues Reflection

Fantastic Job 6th grade! I very much enjoyed the presentations and everyone did a great job. I especially liked the quality of the content presented and the creativity of each group with the final product.

On your own blog in the title section, write “United Nations World Issues Reflection” Make sure to write two separate full paragraphs describing your feelings in response to the following statement and question. Make sure to spell check, grammar check, read out loud, and format with paragraph spacing before you click publish.

#1 Think about the presentations and reflect on the projects your classmates presented and the information you listened to. Explain with details and specific information what you learned, what you found interesting, surprising, or shocking about the presentations you heard in class.

#2 What would you change to improve your project/presentation if you were to do the assignment again?

United Nations World Issues Project

Welcome to our United Nations World Issues project! After learning some background information about the United Nations, we took a closer look at some of the problems in the world today. We analyzed these problems, studied what is being done to try and solve them, created some of our own solutions, and now we are ready to share our ideas with you!

We are a sixth grade social studies class with students between the ages of eleven and twelve years old in a truly international school with no one culture dominating.

We have three sections of social studies and each section consists of about twenty students. Within each class students were broken up into small groups of three students for the project. Each group has been researching one problem challenging today’s world and their goal is to share their new knowledge with the world.

If you want to learn more about our World Issues project, you can read through the assignment sheets and rubrics my students are using. Click on the links below for these documents.

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World Issues Project

World Issues Rubric

General Storyboard

Wiki Storyboard

If you have any questions please free to email me at

World Issues Reminder- all blocks

We will be finishing up our United Nations/World Issues project this week. At this point your group should have a completed storyboard, all necessary pictures, and all your research completed. Plus all of your research and pictures should be in the appropriate program your group is using to present your project. If you feel you are not able to meet the deadlines you should see me for suggestions about how to complete the assigned tasks. See the deadlines below.

Last Work Day:

Block H/E: Wednesday, April 23rd
Block D: Thursday, April 24th

Presentation Day:

Block D: Monday, May 28th
Block H/E: Tuesday, April 29th

REMINDER: You must turn in all of your work on the presentation day! You should staple the following information in order.

* Rubric/Assignment sheet
* Research Records

* Storyboard/Outline (hand in separately)
NOTE: The assignment, rubric, and storyboards are all on the resource page.